Relaquil Can Help

Flight Anxiety
Flight phobia treatments that involve prescription drugs are risky on a number of levels.
Panic Attacks
Panic attacks make life hard. They have no warning and can come at any time. Usually for no reason at all.
Social Anxiety
Social phobia treatments that involve prescription drugs are risky on a number of levels.
With 100% natural ingredients Relaquil typically offers relief within 30 minutes of the first dose.

How Relaquil Works?

Relaquil helps the brain deal with stress

The brain has neural transmissions that affect everything about you, including your mood. The ingredients in Relaquil help your brain deal with stress during these transmissions and can reduce anxiety and stress. The result is often a feeling of calmness and confidence.


Directions & Dosage


Everyone is different and their reaction to Relaquil differs based on many factors. Because of this it is recommended that you start with one tablet twice a day. For most users this is sufficient to provide relief for their anxiety.

If one tablet twice a day does not provide enough relief it is recommended that you increase your dosage by one tablet every other day until you reach the desired level of calmness and confidence. However do not ever take more than 3 tablet at a time, or 6 within a 24 hour period.


About Us

NutriHealth Remedies

Relaquil is developed and sold by NutriHealth Remedies. NutriHealth Remedies is a Seattle based company dedicated to natural treatments for many common problems. It is our belief that if normal brain function can be restored through natural methods without the use of harmful medicines and toxins then that is the preferred treatment.

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    9 Tips for Anxiety Relief & Management

    Anxiety is real and a very serious issue when it comes to leading your daily. It can cause hurdles which to many seem very timid but requires a lot of medication for a person dealing with anxiety on a regular basis to calm their minds and cut their stress. If you are someone who is suffering from anxiety and want to do more to help yourself overcome the situation, you can easily involve these tips in your daily routine to make a difference.

    Move your body
    Exercise is one of the best ways to help you maintain your physical and mental health as it eases the feeling of anxiety and helps you boost a sense of well being. Just a 30-minute workout a day can help you with your overall health. You can choose your workout, which helps you relieve your pain.

    The quantity and quality of sleep is important and with anxiety, it is much harder to sleep. Doctors recommend you to get at least 8 hours of sleep. With regular exercise, your body gets accustomed to getting the required amount of sleep helping you with your anxiety.

    Ease on caffeine and alcohol
    Consumption of both caffeine and alcohol can kick start your anxiety and can make it more harder to snap out of it. Try to cut back on coffee also certain diet pills, headache medications, chocolate and tea can also be a trigger to your anxiety.

    Schedule your worry time
    Take 30 minutes a day to help yourself identify the problem and think about the solution, try to think about what makes you anxious. It is recommended that you stick to a schedule and stop if 30 minutes pass. Try and focus on the things that actually make you anxious.

    Deep Breathing

    Deep breathing helps your mind and body relax as it sends your brain the message that everything is OK. Lie down flat on your surface and put your hand on your chest and slowly breathe in and out. Breathe in slowly and let it out. It better if you practice thins habit to help with your anxiety.

    Be the boss
    Turn all your negative thoughts into positive ones and tell your fears that it cannot scare you. This will make your mind stronger and give you the strength to deal with what happens ahead.

    Tame tense muscles
    People feel stress in different parts of the body and focusing on that part of the body and massaging it while you are stressed is one of the best ways to ensure the stress is being relieved.

    Help out
    Doing good to others helps you feel good and can act as a support system that can help you when you need them. Also, helping others shifts your mind from thinking about the bad and helping others in need. A win-win situation

    Look for triggers
    Look for things that make you anxious, look for a pattern and try to work on avoiding those situations. If you know, certain things cause you anxiety and panic, try to understand the perspective to help you better react to the situation.